Our Services

Business & Local Development

Thanks to its network of branches and local partners, DI Africa is  able to support you at the beginning of your operations in a country:

  • Company hosting

  • Setup of subsidiaries

  • Business development

  • Company representation, support for local development 

  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

  • Community and government relations

Technical Support

Manpower services is the core business of DI Africa, offering the full range of services, such as:

  • Sourcing of applicants on a job description basis

  • Identification of optimal contracting solution (locals, regionals, expatriates)

  • Integration of teams for a specific scope of work

  • Recruitment Services

The added value offered by DI Africa stems from the local implantation in the heart of Oil & Gas areas such as Port Gentil in Gabon. Our teams fully understand the local regulations and habits and maintains close connection  with local representatives of clients and consultants in operation. 

DI Africa is fully involved in the training and recruitment of national talents. That's why we also offers tailored companionship and training programs.


Employment Services

DI Africa also provides operational support for your operations:

  • Local and international contacting (management of employment contacts)

  • Payroll management

  • Work Permits management

  • Tax management & Tax certificate issuance

  • Local bank support

  • Foreign currencies payments compliant with local regulation

  • Monitoring of processes to follow changes of local regulation

HR & Global Mobility

Human Resources Advisory:

  • Support for implementation, start-up or short intervention on specific issues:

  • Definition of organization chart

  • Definition of roles and responsibilities

  • Implementation of a performance enhancement policy

  • Drafting of job descriptions

  • Auditing processes against Company's policy and rules

  • Design of consistent remuneration schedule, taking into account local conditions and job weighing

Global Mobility:

Part of our chain services, DIA positions itself as your logistics main focal point:

  • Meet & Greet Service

  • Local & International logistics (Flight tickets, good transportation)

  • Immigration management (Visa , Work permits, Driving licenses, ...)                       

  • Relocation Services

  • Guest and fleet management