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DI-Africa implements digital solutions for its customers and employees. ERP, EDM and Extranets.
12 February, 2022 by
Digital HR
DI-Africa (Congo) SA, Thomas Breugnot

While DI-Africa can claim to be "human-centric", we also implement customer-oriented solutions that rely on digital means in the form of Extranets and Electronic Document Management (EDM). 

These solutions are implemented for large volumes, from 15 to 20 employees and up to several hundred participants. They also allow us to ensure the circulation of constantly updated information between the protagonists of a large-scale project: 

 General Management and Finance Departments (management control, accounting, etc.) often relocated from the project site (in the region or internationally)

 Project management in the country of implementation 

 Auditors, HSE teams and other Administrations needing to access part of the documents that DI-Africa manages and holds on behalf of the Client (read/write access granularity). 

For example, the HSE department wants to ensure that medical visits and safety inductions are valid. With one click, they can access all the documents and dashboards for their reporting and HSE project management. 

These digital solutions are a guarantee of our total transparency, quality assurance and operational excellence for our customers.

DI-Africa, like Digital In Africa, is also declined in the following way : 

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